Still “Makin’ Good Time”

Lloyd Mark Sutton is a songwriter from Wichita Falls, Texas. Born in the 50s, a child of the 60s, Sutton left home after turning seventeen in 1972 with his guitar in hand and thumbed his way across the country for a year.  He went west to Lubbock, Texas, then north to down state New York where he worked in an old backwoods lumber mill. Then after winter set in, he moved on to Atlanta, Georgia and finally made his way back to Texas.


Sutton started writing in the early 80s and continues writing today with an original blend of eclectic acoustic-Americana-Jazzy-Folk-Rock sounds that tell a story, make you feel good, and carry you away to another time and place. The title song to his debut album is "Makin' Good Time", which is based on his travels in 1972. The album release date is October 15, 2020.


Sutton is a co-founder of The Acoustic Parlor listening room concerts that showcase songwriters and a founding member of the Wichita Falls Songwriters Circle, both located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Recently, he and his wife, Sheri, presented a Poetry and Songwriting Distance Learning Class through the collaboration of the Arts Council Wichita Falls Area, Inc. and Region IX Education Service Center. In addition, Sutton is a member of the Wichita Falls Poetry Society, and his poetry will be included in the upcoming poetry book of the society’s 90th anniversary in 2021.


“…Sutton, who’s kindness and humble approach to the music world disguises the fact that he is a very talented force to be reckoned with…” – Tips and Tales from Outback, The Hub of North Texas, June 2019